About Us

The Water Machine Shoppe Thousand Oaks

About Us

Hello! We are a family-owned and operated water shop in the city of Thousand Oaks, Ca. We offer the highest quality drinking water and service to our valued customers and are passionate about providing you with superior satisfaction. And we are on a mission to spread the news that not all water is created equal. 

How It All Began

Back in 2007, Karl was first introduced to Ionized Alkaline Water by a friend, after suffering for 2 long years with debilitating pain from a car accident. With no relief from the medical community, he was willing to try it. Like most, he assumed that all filtered water was good, having no idea that they were NOT created equal. After learning about the healing benefits of this water, he started drinking it.

The Results

Karl not only lost 33 lbs in 7 weeks but most importantly…he was pain-free after only 3 weeks. As the fire of inflammation was put out, he was convicted of sharing this life-changing water with all in need.  

Two years later in 2009, our store was established!

Our Mission

We are committed to sharing knowledge and empowering people so that they can make better-informed decisions for themselves, their families, and their pets. We have heard thousands of stories of how our water has personally helped in the healing process of our customers and their pets.

Just as all water is not equal, neither are machines and filters. We will help you navigate through all the noise. 

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