Portable Travel Air Purifiers

Travel air purifier


This mobile device intended for the reduction of contaminants in smaller indoor and personal spaces. Ideal for travel, hotel rooms, work stations, small offices, and vehicles. This patented technology is advanced surface and air purification.

  • Touch sensitive settings to provide ease of operation and function
  • Significantly reduces the same contaminants and pathogens listed above
  • Removes odors and freshens air
  • Uses a high intensity UVC light to oxidize and ionize the air
  • Base is designed with multiple mounting options
  • Wire Stand allows for independent use from the base and various options to set or hang the unit
  • Comes with both a 12 volt DC car adapter and a 100 – 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC adapter with interchangeable plugs
  • Covers 50 sq feet 
  • 3.625” wide x 1.0” high x 6” deep (w/o base), Weight is 8 oz.
Personal Travel Air Purifier


This personal size air purifier is a small but mighty unit that provides nature’s own cleaning properties with a built-in ionizer that attracts free-roaming particles and captures them, reducing allergens and pollutants that invade the space you breathe. 

Great for use on airplanes and at public events. It can be worn around your neck, clipped to your clothing, or set on a surface.

  • Removes airborne contaminants and allergens from the air around your body. (Same ones as listed above)
  • Freshens air and removes odors within your breathing zone
  • Can help keep irritating odors and particles out of your personal space while traveling in confined spaces like an airplane or train, or at public events
  • An on/off switch to preserve battery usage
  • This Personal size is lightweight, easy to use, and rechargeable
  • 2.2” wide x 3.8” high x 1” deep

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