Shower, Bath, And Laundry Filters

Chlorine removal shower filter



Did you know that when your shower water is steaming, it is creating chlorine gas.

That chlorine gas represents a toxic form of contamination which is very harmful to our lungs, according to experts! 

Our superior NSF Certified carbon block shower water filter can remove 90 percent or more of the chlorine that’s in your shower water! 

With cleaner, healthier shower water, you may notice a dramatic difference – especially when it comes to your skin and hair!! 

Don’t worry Ladies, it will NOT slow down your water pressure!

Benefits & Features: 

  • Removes 90% of more of chlorine from shower water
  • Healthier, younger looking skin
  • Relief from dry skin & scalp
  • Softer more manageable hair 
  • Less fading for color-treated hair 
  • Processes a minimum of 10,000 gallons
  • Installs in minutes, no special tools or professionals needed!! 
  • Quickest way to protect your health and hair without a whole house filtration system
Chlorine removing bath filter



Protect your health by using this premium bath filter.  Relax with peace of mind, knowing you are protecting your body and health with safer water. 

  • Dechlorinates in minutes, removing 90% or more 
  • Improves sudsing and lathering action
  • Helps skin feel softer and healthier
  • Peace of mind protection from chlorine and contaminants
  • Protects babies sensitive skin
  • Processes a min of 10,000 gallons

Easy to use and portable!  Fill your tub with water, and simply swirl the bath filter ball around in the bathtub water for about 5-7 minutes to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of chlorine in your bathwater. This is key to your health and those with sensitive skin, thyroid issues, and allergies. Then, enjoy a safer bath for yourself, your children, or your pets. Great for travel too!

Chemical Free Laundry Purification



and Save Money!!

This is seriously “Next Level” when it comes to doing laundry. Germ Free & Chemical Free, while blessing your skin, your clothes and linens!

Our 2.0 Laundry Solution puts the technology of nature to work in the laundry room at home by using cold water infused with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to bubble and lift dirt and grime from clothing fibers, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and reducing the need for laundry detergent that causes rashes from chemicals and optical brighteners.  

  • Eliminates the need for laundry detergent
  • Brightens clothing, sheets and towels. Brighter whites and colors
  • Gets towels fluffier and clothing softer
  • Helps eliminate allergic reactions to detergent residue and optical brighteners
  • Buzzer to let you know when your laundry is done
  • Screen display that lights up blue or red to notify you of any problems
  • Installs easily with your washing machine
  • Maintenance free
  • Certified Space Technology. 
  • 17.3″ wide x 5.19″ high x 3.69″ deep
  • Weight 8.1 lbs


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Laundry purification