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Our store offers Ionized Alkaline Water and Premium Filtered Drinking Water. (see below)


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Choose from the waters we offer below:


Ionized Alkaline Water– Ionized alkaline water is water that has gone through the process of filtration,  electrolysis, and addition of minerals which increases its pH level and reduces its acidity. The process of ionization also creates negatively charged ions in the water, which have antioxidant properties and many health benefits of detoxing and hydrating cells. By choosing to drink ionized alkaline water, you aid your body in returning to a balanced state. Our water is fresh, clean and a great tasting way to obtain optimal health! We also provide acidic water for skin care, beauty and cleaning purposes. 

We carry levels pH 8.5-10.0 for drinking water. Benefits include: 

      • Rapid hydration

      • Increased energy

      • Detoxification

      • Reduced inflammation

      • Mental clarity

      • Increased metabolism and aids in digestion

      • Cleans fruits and vegetables

    Mild Acidic Water pH 4.5- 6.6. Also known as “Beauty Water”. This is beneficial for:

        • Washing your face

        • Hair care

        • Cooking

        • Housecleaning

        • Removing stains

      Strong Acidic Water pH 2.7 and below. This is beneficial for:

          • Hand Washing

          • Gargling when sick, rinsing nasal passage, heals sores and pimples

          • Cleaning toys, highchairs, counters

        Premium Filtered Drinking Water- pH 7.0  We carry the very best filtered water. Our certifications show that solid carbon block water filters are the most effective consumer means for reducing a wide range of contaminants. They have been tested and certified to reduce upwards of 85 or more contaminants. These contaminants include disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramine, heavy metals or metalloids such as lead or arsenic, disinfection byproducts such as chloroform or trihalomethanes, and microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and cysts.